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Kofu Dama Beads
(Antique Kimono Fabric Beads)

Made in Osaka, Japan

A fusion of Japanese tradition and modern technology
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It's just so beautiful - When you have a *Kofu **Dama in your hand,
you can sense the dignity of what Japanese tradition combined with modern technology, can do ...
and get the feeling of the people who engaged in this new creation.

Kofu Dama were born from an idea of a woman who loved sewing and treated antique kimono silk fabric like a treasure.
Having spent her childhood when Japan was facing extreme shortages of daily commodities and food after W.W.II,
she would always said, "Mottainai" for everything as if she were treating a life.
Needless to say, she would detest wasting even a tiny piece of the antique kimono silk fabric that she always used for her creativity.
As she was working for a bead company, she thought that the tiny pieces of antique kimono fabric would be
much more appreciated if they could be used as a material for beads.

The artisans at the factory were moved by her idea and affection for the old kimono silk fabric.
They racked their brains to make her wishes come true. Then, through trial and error, they succeeded in creating completely new beads as Kofu Dama beads.
They managed to capture the antique kimono silk fabric, which was like a miniature part of Japanese tradition and history,
into acrylic resin, after the fabric had been adhered to a silicon core. The whole process of the production is a time-consuming task
as every step is carried out by hand. There are the movements, moments and spirits of the bead artisans in each Kofu Dama that is produced.

*Kofu : Old fabric. Not necessarily kimono silk fabric.
**Dama : Beads or balls. The original form, "Tama", declines as "Dama" when "Tama" has a prepositional noun.

Would you like a little more information on antique kimono fabrics?
Please click here.

Kofu Dama are available exclusively at Asian Trade Beads in various sizes that you cannot obtain even in Japan.

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Please feel free to contact us at info@dolcestreet.com
either in English or Japanese. Thank you.

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