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Dolce Street Arts & Crafts:
Glass Bead Maker, Researcher and Collector from Japan

Welcome to Dolce Street Arts & Crafts

Displayed by Dolce Street Arts & Crafts at Hana Tonbo Ten in March 2004
Photo by Kenjiro Senba of Huu Kobo

Annoucement for the Eighth Annual Group Show, Hana Tonbo Ten

It has just been announced that "Hana Tonbo Ten" will be held
in Osaka, Japan, with the following schedule. The annual group show, "Hana Tonbo Ten" is supported by
Satake Glass Co., Ltd,
the leading glass company in Japan. Many of the show participants
learned glass crafts at Satake Glass's workshop, called Ryu Koubou.
Ryu Koubou Workshop also has been acting as the lampwork center in Japan
a lot of Japanese lampwork artists.

Dolce Street Arts & Crafts will join the group show this year
following our attendance last year and will enjoy making lampwork glass beads for the show
at the workshop held by
Kenjiro Senba at Huu Koubou.

Our theme of 2004 was "The morning to go to Ohanami. "
It was a fun display table - Some of Japanese old beauty,
such as vintage kimono fabric and antique kitchen tools played second fiddle
to our lampwork glass beads on a tatami sheet "stage".
Here are some of the views of our display table from the show last year.

What about this year's theme? You will see it at Hana Tonbo Ten!

*Ohanami= Hanami, cherry blossom viewing, one of the common Japanese spring events.

The Show Schedule

Date : From April 12 (Tue) through April 17 (Sun)

Hours : 11:00 - 17:00 (Closed 16:30 on the last day)

Place : Hamadera Kouen Station Gallery (Hamadera Kouen Station on the Nankai Line)

To be continued from.......

April 20 (Wed) through May 29 (Sun)

Hours: 10:00 - 17:00

Place: Shinoda no Mori Furusato Kan (Kitashinoda Station on the JR Hanwa-Line)

Tel: (0725)45-0605 (Japanese Only)
If you would like directions to Hana Tonbo Ten in English, feel free to ask us by e-mailing to info@dolcestreet.com

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Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890)
Oil on canvas, 25 2/3 x 21 1/4" (65 x 54 cm).
Kunstmuseum Winterthur, Switzerland.
Gift of the heirs of Georg Reinhart, 1955.
©2001 The Museum of Modern Art, New York

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Glass Bead Maker and Collector from Japan
Dolce Street Arts & Crafts
E-mail: info@dolcestreet.com

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